We are currently building up the Dream-inc. website to life, which aim is to learn, have fun and make a difference. Please stay tuned for everyday updates!

We are currently building up the Dream-inc. website to life, which aim is to learn, have fun and make a difference. Please stay tuned for everyday updates!


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Dr. W. Edwards Deming

“We must preserve the power of intrinsic motivation, dignity, cooperation, curiosity, joy in learning, that people are born with.”

Spiral dynamics

Understanding the world through Dr. Beck’s theories.

System of Profound Knowledge

Understanding the world through Dr.Deming’s theories.

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Special selection.

Personal Improvement

Self improvement skills to learn that have lifelong benefits

Memory Improvement

Do you have problems remembering names? Are you good at remembering names? Why this should be important? How it can affect your daily life?

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Things people want to share about me


People who know me sharing what I’ve done to help them.

  • Jim is a "get it done" person

    Jim has helped me many times to generate new ideas, he sometimes argues with me but it usually helps to come up with  better results.

    Jim is a "get it done" person
    Dr. Don Beck
    Author of "Spiral Dynamics"
  • What actually happened

    I moved to Bruhl on September 2018, I wanted to buy things for my room at IKEA, fractions of a second my purse was missing I called the police but they did nothing. I spoke to the IKEA staff but they have nothing more. I left home and I cried because in my bag I lost my papers, my phone, and my money that I have saved for a year. Then, one day when I went down to the kitchen, I met a man, it was a bit strange for me when I saw him I had the courage to speak to him, I said hello to him and I ask him if he could borrow his phone from me. And he replied: why? without hesitation I told him what happened at IKEA. He asked me if I want to get my money back and complain to IKEA. I told him I already tried it but they wouldn't do anything for me. He said, we're going to apply IKEA together. I couldn't speak English at the time, and we used translation on the phone, but we understood each other the same. He called the manager and asked to pay the lost amount but he refused that it is not their responsibility and that I am not the only victim. I was so miserable, my tears were still on my eyes, and this man noticed my pain. From that day forward, he held out his hand to me. He not only borrowed his phone from me but gave me food, because I had no more money to buy food, he paid me the bus and train ticket to go there. 'school and my work, he gives me money every time I spend time with him. He also mentally helps me and comfort me to move forward in life, not to think about the past, to learn German because I need that so that I can communicate with people, have friends. He asked me to help him with his errands, while teaching me that you have to do something to get something. He taught me that communication is the key to some problems. He wanted me to work for him but at the end of the day the job was to take care of myself, to do something that I love, to open up to the world and go out, meet people. Not being afraid of the future and enjoying the present moment because that is what matters. In those moments which was one of the worst moments of my life, this man appeared in my life as a kind of sign of hope that all is not lost, wue God has crossed our path because he knows that this man has the heart to help someone. Everything that this man had told me I wrote in my notebook, and I stuck it on my coat of arms today, it helps me a lot at the hard time in my daily life, and as if he always is. there with me. Thanks to his words and his help, I became a strong and courageous person, my life has changed and come more than better than before. All that I lost was nothing that I have achieved so far. The moment we met was the worst memory of my life but today is the best time because if it was not to happen I could have spent these good times with him and I hadn't had those words on my coat of arms. Then he left in his pay but he is etched in my heart forever. He helped me, he gave me hope, he showed me the way to go, I will always miss him. This man is Jim, the one and only.

    Jim: Thank you for everything you did, I could never thank you but Jesus will. I would like to tell you: “your words matter, that's what brought me here”

    What actually happened
    Student from Madagascar
  • He is fun to talk to

    Jim is positive energy in most of the situations. When you look for a person specialized in problem-solving it is really easy to communicate both ways to him as friend or business aspect he will help!

    He is fun to talk to
    Boyan Minev
  • Jim, a good example

    Something I often told Jim. "Everyone serves a purpose even if it is as a bad example"

    Jim, a good example
    Captain Schweir

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